Phase inspection reports

Our phase inspection reports are designed for use both the buyer of the home and the builder with three goals:

  1. Identify deficiencies
  2. Understand why they are deficient
  3. Locate them as easily as possible
With that in mind we design our reports keeping them simple, clean and succinct. It all starts with the inspection software.

It starts with the software

  • I use Spectora which creates the cleanest and most versatile reports available.
  • Choose from the web version for easy viewing or the PDF report for printing or giving to the contractor/builder.
  • Spectora offers a repair builder for resale inspections to streamline work to be done.

Web version

  • Clean, tabbed navigation makes it as easy as possible to get a an overview of deficiencies.
  • Video and 360° photo capable.
  • Blackboxed, Hi-res photos can be zoomed in for hard detail.

The builder's summary

  • PDF version has comments summarized and numbered to resemble a city inspection report.
  • Page references and report sections are listed and linked.
  • Summary located at the beginning of the report for builder's convenience

General Description

  • Overall condition assessment for the structure
  • Additional comments, amended information, etc. can be seen here
  • Includes photos from all sides of the structure

Report comments

  • Comments are numbered and worded to identify the deficiency first.
  • If necessary, a possible consequence of the deficiency is listed next.
  • Finally, a reference for the standard is given if possible. This may include links to better understand the standard.

Report photos

  • Annotations on photos mark deficiencies
  • Locations listed at captions for easy identification in the field
  • Every deficiency has minimum of one photo for easier understanding of the issue





Blackboxed, scrollable photos visible with web version of report
Photos grouped with comments on PDF version of report

360 photos for pre-drywall inspections

  • Viewed with web version of report
  • Documents location of studs, plumbing, wires and other components hidden after walls are completed
  • All four walls, ceiling and floor visible as if you were standing there by scrolling side to side and up to down

How to get the builder to fix the deficiencies

An inspection report is of little immediate use if the builder throws up the drywall and siding, hiding the deficiencies on the report. So what is a buyer to do?
I will walk you through the next steps to help get the items addressed. While I can't guarantee all items will be repaired, I will happily advocate on your behalf because I believe everybody deserves to get the best quality home their money is buying.

They did fix the broken truss in the back and appear to have fixed the two in the front upstairs. Thanks again!

Ben in Austin

The pre-drywall meeting happened last week and went well. When I arrived a lot of things had been fixed similar to either your recommendations or what you explained is usually done.

Courtney, Pflugerville

Pour canceled! Thank you, Casey.
They are going to string it again today and confirm coverage/adjustments needed.

Max, Georgetown