Buyer, presale, investor, final construction, warranty, and more

Whatever your reason for having an inspection done, we would be happy to make it happen.

Buyer inspections are often done during the purchase of a resale home. You love the neighborhood, walked through several staged homes for sale and finally found the one that you could see yourself living in. Now it is time to hire the professional inspector to take a look at the bones so you can make a more informed decision. Was there anything missed in the seller's disclosure? Does the home meet current standards? Any evidence of roof damage? How does the roof framing look? Any low areas of insulation? What about operation of the HVAC and other mechanical systems? What about aluminum wiring, galvanized plumbing, cast iron drains, etc.? All of these things can help give you a better idea of what you are purchasing and can help during negotiations with the seller.

Presale inspections can help give the seller of a property more leverage by uncovering any surprises that may show up during the buyer's inspection. Having the house inspected before putting it up on the market will allow you to pinpoint what needs to be repaired and how much to offer, which will help lessen the negotiating power of the buyer.

Investor inspections are common with multi-unit properties. This is a numbers game, and an inspection will help you know what to fix so the contractors can get you the repair numbers you need to be profitable.

Final construction inspections are done on new builds right before occupation. A final inspection would ideally be done when the builder is all wrapped up but in our experience there are always odds and ends needing to be finished. This will essentially result in an in-depth punch list to help the builder make sure they don't overlook any structural issues before handing over the keys. And they ALWAYS overlook structural issues. We've never had a clean report. Pro tip: Keep a pad and paper handy after moving in to notate all of the items you want to ensure will get on the warranty inspection report. You have the next 11 months to find the builder's mistakes!

Warranty inspections are new construction jobs also called, "11-month" inspections since they are done right before the warranty is up. Most builders offer a 1 or 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and this is the last opportunity to get something repaired on the builder's dime.

A house is a huge investment in money, time, and emotion. Let us take a look at yours and we will help give you the information you need to move forward.