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I just wanted to take a second to thank you for the work you do. I deal with countless 3rd party inspectors and I have never seen anyone that comes close to you in terms of code interpretation and accuracy of addressed deficiencies. Most other inspectors fill their reports with what I like to call 'garbage' and 25-50% of their items do not need to be addressed or are flat out wrong in terms of interpretation. Every report I have received from you has been spot on and you have even caught things that both my inspectors and me had missed. Keep up the good work!

-A.D., Senior Construction Superintendent in Austin

More than an inspector.
An advocate.

Texas Real Estate Commission Professional Real Estate Inspector #23456
International Code Council Residential Building Inspector #9663183
Post-tensioning Institute Slab-on-Ground Inspector #02111877
Exterior Design Institute Level 2 Building Envelope Inspector #TX-226
Texas Department of Agriculture Wood Destroying Insect Certified Applicator #0880297
Gastite/FlashShield+ CSST Qualified Installer #23FS011773
Good morning, Casey, Thank you for your thorough inspection, a quality secondary inspection really helps me evaluate my staff and see the areas where they can improve. If you ever want a job with great benefits and advancement opportunities let me know!

-Chief Building Inspector, City of Austin

The report was excellent. I forwarded it to my building manager that next morning and he fixed up (almost) everything before closing. He was actually super appreciative of the report, he said he wished all his customers used you as their 3rd party inspector :)

-S.P., Client in Austin

I inspect all major systems

I use thermal cameras, voltage testers, moisture meters, shower pan testers, gas leak detectors and more on all inspections when needed!

August 11, 2023.
I called Casey because I was seeing some worrisome cracks in our house and wasn't sure if they were normal or indicated issues. I also wasn't sure what kind of experts I should call if there were an issue and didn't want to pay for the wrong people or find unscrupulous businesses who would take advantage of my lack of knowledge. Casey was recommended to him so I gave him a call. He promptly responded, listened to my descriptions, and gave me several possibilities while explaining each of them in detail and what I should do in each scenario. While he didn't end up doing a full inspection for me (bc it wasn't needed), he asked me to email him some pictures and responded to me within several hours with his assessment and gave me some resources where I can learn more about next steps. He did all of this even though he knew a full inspection wasn't needed and he wouldn't make money from me (today). I really appreciate his expertise, professionalism, and patience, and his willingness to help without taking advantage of concerned homeowners. I really wish I had known about Casey when we were buying our house! Cannot rate him highly enough and whole I hope to never need another house inspection, he will be the one I call if I do.
Ed G.
Ed G.
August 3, 2023.
I had Casey do 2 inspections for me, pre-drywall and final as he was not able to coordinate the pre-pour. I say this because he was nice enough to supply someone who could make the appointment! Casey is very methodical, detail oriented and clearly loves what he does. His patience was greatly appreciated as I accompanied him to learn as this was a new build. You gotta love somebody who reads inspection manuals for relaxation! I'd recommend him in a heartbeat.
July 27, 2023.
Casey with Constructiva provided amazing and in-depth expert advice during my home inspection. He answered all questions and took the time to walk through any issues of concern. Will highly recommend for years to come.
Phillip Lao
Phillip Lao
July 15, 2023.
My wife and I recent completed a pre-pour inspection with Casey. My wife was able to meet up with him during the inspection, and she had nothing but good things to say about the experience. Later on that evening Casey emailed a very detailed breakdown of what he found. I actually discovered Casey through the Austin subreddit, and recommended watching his youtube videos! We will be scheduling him again for the next phase of our new construction home!
Brandon Wong
Brandon Wong
July 11, 2023.
Being first time homeowners, my partner and I really didn't know what was normal and what was a cause for concern during the build process. Thankfully we had Casey to reassure us of any concerns that we had. We spent about 3 hours walking through our home and he patiently answered all our questions while doing the inspection. We learned a lot and we can't wait to have him again for future inspections. He was also very responsive during scheduling and I appreciated the excellent communication.
Vibhav Kumar
Vibhav Kumar
June 28, 2023.
I utilized Casey's services for my new construction home at three stages: pre-pour foundation, pre-drywall structural, and the final inspection. Throughout the entire process, he exhibited a level of expertise and attention to detail that surpassed my expectations. From the beginning, his knowledge and experience in the field were evident. During the pre-pour foundation inspection, he meticulously examined the site, ensuring that the foundation was correctly positioned and met all the necessary requirements. Moving on to the pre-drywall structural inspection, his expertise played a crucial role in identifying potential issues before they could be concealed. He scrutinized every aspect, from the framing to the plumbing and electrical systems, making certain that everything was up to code and functioning properly. His comprehensive report provided invaluable insights, allowing me to address any concerns with the builder promptly. Finally, the final inspection was conducted flawlessly. He meticulously examined every nook and cranny of my new home. Later he took the time to explain his findings and provided useful recommendations for maintenance and improvements. I greatly appreciated the meticulous documentation he provided at every stage. Overall, I cannot speak highly enough of Casey's services. I would wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone in need of a trustworthy and knowledgeable inspector.
Paddy Flanagan
Paddy Flanagan
June 23, 2023.
We used Casey for both a build and warranty inspection, and could not have been more impressed. There are countless comments about how thorough a job he does so I will not go into that further. The one thing that really stuck with me was a comment from my wife on Casey's professionalism. Regularly if someone comes to work on the house or perform a service they will either focus all of their energy or run every question by me, a man. My wife was so happy to be meeting with someone who seemed both genuinely interested to hear her concerns but also spoke to her as if she were an equal partner in owning and running this home. Very refreshing. Great job Casey, we will continue to recommend your services!
June 21, 2023.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Casey for my pre dry wall and final inspection. He delivered an incredibly detailed and thorough inspection both times. Casey's dedication and meticulous approach left me thoroughly impressed. From the moment Casey arrived, his professionalism and expertise was evident. He methodically assessed every aspect of the house, leaving no stone unturned. Casey's attention to detail was exceptional, ensuring that even the tiniest issues were discovered and documented. Throughout the inspection process, Casey demonstrated a deep understanding of various systems within the house. He meticulously examined the electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, HVAC system, structural components, and more. Casey's comprehensive approach reassured me that no aspect of the house would be overlooked. What truly set Casey apart was his ability to communicate his findings effectively. He took the time to explain each observation in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that I understood the implications of his findings. Casey's expertise was evident as he provided valuable insights and recommendations to address any potential concerns. I would highly recommend Casey's services to anyone in need of a comprehensive and meticulous house inspection.
Karthik Lokhanathan
Karthik Lokhanathan
June 17, 2023.

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